Crate washers

Having trouble keeping your vegetables and / or fruit healthy and disease-free? Or fight bacteria and moulds in standard and multi-light mushroom crates? A Limex crate washer is the perfect solution. Our machines make an important contribution to being able to meet the highest hygiene requirements and strictest food safety standards. Moulds and diseases in asparagus are also prevented by cleaning the asparagus boxes with a Limex machine.

When cleaning buckets, we are able to:

  • Clean microbiologically and visually;
  • Guarantee a sand-free end result;
  • Give moulds and diseases no chance;
  • Clean a large number of crates per hour (specific number depends on the type of crate).

Additional options:

  • Rent a machine from Limex. Handy for seasonal products.
  • Various washers can be built into the production line.
  • Removing stickers on crates and boxes,

These are just a few of the possibilities of this crate washer that ensure constant quality of your crops.              

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