Crate washing machines

Crate washers from Limex clean your crates hygienically. Food hygiene is obviously essential in the agro-food industry, and this is where we can help you. Hygienic crates maximise the shelf life and food safety of your products.

Simple, sustainable, and thorough crate washing

Cleaning your crates with a Limex crate washing machine ensures they meet the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements, and is guaranteed to contribute to the healthiness and quality of your product. It reduces the risk of contamination and immediately results in less spoilage and higher net yields. After all, inputs such as raw materials, energy and labour have already been used. With our specialist knowledge and experience, we can adapt a crate washing machine to specific products and specific situations, which results in a successful harvest and the highest profits.

What are the advantages of a Limex crate washer?

  • Not just visibly clean, microbiologically clean;
  • Eliminates CGMMV, ToBRFV and TVX viruses. Proven by laboratory research in 2017 and 2020.
  • Sustainable solution by reducing water, energy and chemical consumption;
  • Easy to clean, robust construction, and low maintenance;
  • Washing capacities of 150 to 4,000 crates per hour;
  • Limex crate washers retain a high residual value; there is a strong second-hand market;
  • Double line: 2 lines for washing crates or 1 line for washing pallets in the same machine;
  • The modular design allows washing lines to be extended flexibly.

Additional possibilities with our crate washers

  • Removal of stickers;
  • Machine heated by electricity, central-heating water from heat exchanger, or steam injection;
  • Automatic dosing of cleaning or disinfecting agents;
  • Blow off water droplets;
  • Rental option, ideal for seasonal products;
  • Adapted power supply for international customers.
  • Meno Florades foam applied to products.

In this way, Limex crate washers keep the quality of your products consistently high.

Our crate washers in practice

Our crate washing machines are already being used successfully by a large number of customers for various purposes. Some examples:

  • Wijnen Square Crops in Grubbenvorst, The Netherlands (washing cucumber and pepper harvesting crates).
  • P van Osch Groenteproducties in Leunen, The Netherlands (washing leafy vegetable harvesting crates)
  • RPZ Rheinische Pilz-Zentrale/Deckers, Germany;
  • Banken Champignons, The Netherlands;
  • Tulip growers and bulb processors to combat pythium in pin trays and transport crates, Wesselman Flowers, the Netherlands, and Partaharjun Puutarha, Finland;
  • Royal De Ree Holland, washing and disinfecting flower-bulb transport crates;
  • Supermarket crates, to remove stickers from fruit and vegetable display crates;
  • Hajduk, Poland;
  • Gribnaya Raduga, Russia;
  • Tomato nursery to eliminate ToBRFV from harvesting crates;
  • Cucumber nurseries to eliminate CGMMV from harvesting crates.

Used crate washers are also often available. View our page with ‘Used machines‘. Even after years of use, our crate washing machines still have considerable residual value.

Sinner’s Circle

We follow the cleaning principle of Sinner’s Circle, which balances four variable factors: mechanical action, time, temperature and the cleaning agents (chemicals). For the best results, these factors have to be attuned to the specific soiling. For example, various washing processes can be combined in a washing installation, with each process having a different combination of the factors in Sinner’s Circle. These processes can include pre-rinse, multiple main wash sections, disinfection zone, and final rinse. The best outcome and most thorough cleaning is achieved when all the factors are properly balanced.

Interested in how we can help you protect your products? Feel free to contact us without obligation. Contact us!

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Limex crate washer at Banken Champignons

Limex crate washer at Banken Champignons

“The Limex crate washer meets our hygiene requirements (microbiological cleanliness) and produces a drying result of less than four grams per crate. This allows an output of 5,600 clean crates per hour, and that maintains our delivery capacity at an optimal level. ” – Jurgen Banken

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