Pallet washing machines and box washing machines

A Limex pallet washing machine or box washing machine enables you to guarantee today’s high hygiene standards. As every food grower and processor knows, it is essential to monitor the hygiene and quality of your products. That’s why thorough cleaning of pallets and pallet boxes is so important.

Palletcleaners or box washing machines from Limex are the solution

The Limex palletcleaner or box washingmachine removes organic soiling and eliminates contamination by bacteria, viruses and fungi. Cleaning with our pallet washing machine ensures that your pallets meet the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements. Improved hygiene reduces the risk of contamination and spoilage and results in higher net yields for the same quantity of raw materials. We can tailor the washing machines to specific wishes and situations and they are able to give maximum washing results with minimal water, energy and chemical consumption, all of which guarantees you a sustainable, effective solution.

What are the advantages of a Limex pallet washing machine or box washing machine

  • Washing lines can be extended flexibly;
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance;
  • Cleans pallets thoroughly, both visually and microbiologically;
  • Also suitable for big boxes, cubic boxes and Dolavs;
  • Limex washing machines maintain a high residual value.

Additional options of our pallet washing machines

  • Blow off excess water from pallets or boxes;
  • The washing machines can be built into the production line;
  • Heating by electricity, heat exchanger or steam depending on local availability and preferences;
  • Dosing of cleaning or disinfecting agents;
  • Adapted power supply for international customers;
  • Adds Meno Florades in foaming form.

Our pallet washing machines and box washing machines save a lot of work

Pallet washing machines and box washing machines from Limex keep the quality of your products consistently high. Our washing machines have been installed successfully at many customers with a wide range of requirements:

  • Box Cleaning Service, Baarlo Netherlands;
  • Vegetable processor d’Ardico, Portugal;
  • Pepper packaging company, Scherpenhuizen, The Netherlands;
  • Perlinger/GEO Gemüse, Austria;
  • WASTO-PAC GmbH, Germany;
  • Kipco-Damaco NV, Belgium;
  • Matman Washing Solutions, New Zealand.

Sinner’s Circle

We base our work on a cleaning principle called Sinner’s Circle. In this system, four factors are balanced against each other:

  • Time;
  • Mechanical action;
  • Temperature;
  • Chemicals.

Getting the balance between these factors right gives the best cleaning result. A box washer or palletcleaner can be made up of different process steps in which the four factors are varied in each step. These steps could be prewash, main wash, rinse, and disinfection. That’s why it is important to have your washing machine adjusted properly by our experts.

Discover the possibilities!

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