Improved cultivation hygiene for ImHofBio thanks to the Limex tray washing system

ImHofBio is a family-run company and a renowned organic grower based in Switzerland. They place great value on health, the environment and providing high-quality products. For ImHofBio, having outstanding cultivation hygiene is crucial, particularly because the use of plant protection products is strongly restricted in organic farming. We have helped ImHofBio in their mission by building a tray washing system for them to use in their cleaning process. We are incredibly proud of the results!

The search for the perfect tray washing system

Mr Hansjürg Imhof, owner of ImHofBio, already had two other washing systems from two different manufacturers but they no longer provided the washing results that ImHofBio needed. He had been searching for a worthy replacement for several years, but after asking around in Switzerland someone recommended Limex. 


As Hansjürg already had plenty of experience with tray washing systems, he knew exactly what he did and didn’t want from his new system. After several in-depth consultations, we had defined the scope of the project and knew his wishes and requirements. We communicated in German as this was not a problem for either party. Thanks to our excellent coordination during the quotation process, we were able to implement all Hansjürg’s wishes and requirements when designing his tray washing system. 

A tailored tray washing solution from Limex

As ImHofBio grows a variety of different crops, they use a range of tray types and sizes. Our machine was designed to thoroughly wash trays of different sizes. What’s more, it can be set to clean between 200 and 400 trays per hour. 


At the end of the washing process, the trays are tilted. This part of the system had to be customised for ImHofBio because the trays they use are all different sizes. The trays go through the machine vertically and come out horizontally so that the disinfection process can be carried out afterwards.

Improved cultivation hygiene

As (chemical) plant protection products can only be used to a limited extent in the organic farming sector, and are sometimes not even used at all, it is even more important that cultivation hygiene is guaranteed. Thanks to this tray washing system, ImHofBio has made a significant step forwards in the fight against the development and spread of fungi and bacteria, for example. With this investment, they are not only able to wash significantly more trays than before, they can also protect their entire harvest much better. 

Saving money and protecting the environment

By choosing a Limex tray washing system, Hansjürg made a cost-effective and sustainable choice in keeping with the company’s fundamental values. The washing system actually cleans the trays with reused water – after any impurities have been filtered out of course! ImHofBio also can also heat the water used to clean the trays if they want. 

The result

We are proud to say that the washing results exceeded everyone’s expectations. The tray washing system from Limex effectively removes organic impurities, such as remnants of leaves, soil and algae. We are thrilled to be doing our bit to help ensure the outstanding cultivation hygiene of our partner ImHofBio!

What does our client think?

“We are a potted plant company and we mainly produce potted herbs. We do our own propagation with cuttings so we need to be able to wash large quantities of propagation trays quickly and thoroughly. The trays must be free from contamination after being washed and they are also put through a disinfection bath. 

Until now, we have been using another machine to wash our trays. We weren’t happy with the performance of this machine and had to spend a lot of time washing our trays. On top of this, we ended up with poor washing results and sometimes had to wash our trays twice before they were properly cleaned. The bearings used in the moving nozzles were also incredibly high-maintenance. 

After examining many different machines, we finally settled on purchasing our new machine from Limex. We received competent and thorough advice before buying. Limex also adapted the new machine to our needs. In addition, our first few experiences have shown that the after-sales service and advice from Limex is also fantastic.

Our new machine performs really well and the two people that use it are able to achieve excellent washing results. The pump output and number of nozzles are perfectly coordinated. This allow us to easily get rid of high levels of contamination, even when using only cold water. If we need to use hot water, we can simply turn on the two water heaters provided. Our new machine has also helped us to reduce our water consumption.

I think that this new investment will quickly pay for itself, even if we only count the number of working hours it has helped us to save!”– Hansjürg Imhof 15-05-2022


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