Tray washers

Excellent industrial hygiene is an important condition for generating high-quality plants. Damage or deterioration can occur when seed trays or pots are reused. With our tray washer, we ensure that plant and soil residues disappear completely. The chance that moulds, bacteria and viruses subsequently attack your plants is thus greatly minimised.

When cleaning trays we are able to:

  • Eliminate soil residues and other contamination;
  • Deliver a machine that is easy to keep clean independently;
  • Offer various disinfection possibilities;
  • Recycling principle: low water consumption.

Additional options:

  • In addition to a pre-wash program (high pressure), also capable of main wash (circulating hot water).
  • Dewatering after washing (through a blower/blowing machine)

These are just a few of the possibilities of this tray washer that ensures carefree reuse of seed trays and pots.

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