Refurbished washing machines

Are you looking for a used crate washing machine, bucket washing machine, tray washing machine or other Limex washing machine? Our customers often sell their Limex washing machines if their capacity requirements change and they have to upgrade to a new machine. In this case, used machines are given a second life and may be refurbished at Limex. Limex washing machines retain a high residual value.

Market value is higher than book value

Buying a used Limex washing machine is advantageous, because the commercial value of a used Limex washing machine is often much higher than the residual value for accounting purposes. The total cost of ownership of our washing machines is therefore particularly attractive. Our washing machines are built to help you prevent spoilage and contamination for many years to come. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond helping you in terms of hygiene and cultivation, we also handle the washing machines themselves in a sustainable way.

Limex buys back washing machines

You can also trade in a washing machine; we buy back the used machine, overhaul it, then put it up for sale again as refurbished.

The advantages of used washing machines

  • Refurbished machines are attractively priced;
  • Maintenance and service by Limex technicians is possible;
  • Refurbished machines are covered by a full warranty;
  • Cleans as well as a new machine;
  • Refurbished machines comply with current CE legislation and regulations.

Customers with a used washing machine

A used washing machine from Limex gives you proven quality at a friendly price. Some customers who have bought used machines:

  • Horizon Kwekerij bvba. Belgium
  • Kraege Beerenpflanzen GmbH & Co.KG. Germany
  • WASTO-PAC GmbH. Germany
  • Kipco-Damaco NV. Belgium
  • Matman Washing Solutions. New Zealand;
  • Matman Washing Solutions. Australia;
  • Silver S.A. Chili;
  • Bepco Equipment Pooling System. Latvia.

Would you like more information about renting or buying a used washing machine? Do you want to sell an existing Limex washing machine back to Limex? We’ll be happy to answer your questions! Please don’t hesitate to call us.

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