5 Tray washers in 4 years at Svenska Skogsplantor

Together with their reseller, Aquadrip, Limex installed a tray washer for seedling trays for pine trees at Svenska Skogsplantor in Hallsberg (Sweden) at the beginning of 2018. 900 trays are being washed every hour. The tray washer is built in line between other equipment, for handling the trays. Machines are communicating with each other to make an efficient flow of trays possible. 

  • In September 2019, Svenska Skogsplantor ordered the second Limex tray washer for their nursery in Stakheden.
  • Eind Februari 2020 a third for Lugnet and the fourth for Trekanten.
  • In January 2021 a fift for the nurserie in Kilåmon


Svenska Skogsplantor is a company that produces 140 million pine trees per year at five nurseries in Sweden. Svenska Skogsplantor is part of Sveaskog, one of the biggest and most professional forestry companies in Sweden. They have a strong long term vision and strive to minimize environmental impact. Part of this vision made them decide to use Conniflex, a sticky resin, on the seedlings. This is a mechanical protection of young plants against the pine weevil. Because of this, they don’t need chemical plant protection in the forests to fight the pine weevil. This sticky resin, polluted the seedling trays and gave problems in the automated line for tray filling and sowing.

Method and results achieved/ tray washer:

Limex developed a tray washer for Svenska Skogsplantor, that successfully removes peat, resin rests, liverwort spores and weed seeds from the trays.The Limex team is especially proud that this result is realized without using any chemical addition, this was an important request from Svenska Skogsplantor. The tray washing machine exists out of 2 washing stages. Every stage exists out of a different combination of water temperature, pressure, flow and contact time. Specific filters and pump techniques are applied to recirculate the water for 24 hours without interference by personnel.

How did Svenska Skogsplantor experience the Limex collaboration and the tray washers ?

Our collaboration with Limex has worked very well. They have found solutions to how we can wash our trays efficiently and completely automatically. Limex has responded quickly to our questions and provided us with the best solutions. A supplier that we will continue to work with and can recommend as a good partner.“ – Niclas Noord, Vice President Technology at Svenska Skogsplantor.

From left to right: Niclas Noord, Joep Janssen, Bart Bovee

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