Service and maintenance of a washing machine

Take advantage of our high-quality service! Is your washing machine broken, or in need of maintenance or replacement? Because we manufacture our cleaning machines, we literally know them inside and out. With our many years of experience and knowledge, nothing is unknown to our expert technicians, no matter when you bought the machine or how old it is. Carrying out regular maintenance and using our services keeps your buckets, crates, pallets, trays and trolleys clean.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in manufacturing washing machines

We only use parts for maintenance that share the same high quality as our bucket, crate, pallet, tray and trolley washing machines. A Limex technician is your guarantee that your machine will work properly and that service life will be extended considerably.

What are the advantages of a Limex service technician?

  • Extensive practical knowledge and experience;
  • Service contract possible with a 10% discount on spare parts;
  • High-quality parts that maximise the service life of your machine;
  • Training, instruction and support for local technicians is another popular option.

Maintain quality by applying Sinner’s Circle

Service and maintenance by an expert Limex technician keeps the quality of your washing machines and cleaning processes high. At Limex, we use a tool that guarantees the cleaning of your carts/trolleys, buckets, crates and trays: Sinner’s Circle. This method is based on four factors: time, temperature, mechanical action, and chemicals.

Keeping these four factors in balance ensures that no single aspect dominates at the expense of the others. Our experienced technicians will set this up for you with great care. Properly cleaning and maintaining the machine is the secret to getting the same results as when the machine was new for many years to come. Our goal is to preserve and protect the healthiness of your products. This is how we guarantee high standards of hygiene.

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