Limex Bucket Washer at Veiling Holambra Brazil

Limex recently (August 2019) delivered an extensive bucket washing line to Brazil. The installation features various intensive cleaning processes. The bucket washer has the capacity to wash, disinfect and remove stickers from 2,000 buckets of various types and sizes per hour. The machine is easy to set, so any required bucket type can be cleaned consistently.


Two representatives from Veiling Holambra (flower auction) visited the washing facilities at Royal Flora Holland in Aalsmeer (NL), Plantion in Ede (NL) and Veiling Rhein Maas in Stralen (DE) on their own initiative in early 2018.  What they saw were three bucket washers supplied by Limex. Immediately afterwards, a personal meeting between Veiling Holambra and Limex was arranged at IPM Essen.  

Veiling Holambra is the market leader in the trade and logistics of cut flowers in Brazil. Under the management of CEO André van Kruijssen, Veiling Holambra has developed a modern, future oriented vision. Quality is an integral part of this vision. Hygienically washing the flower buckets extends the vase life of cut flowers creating greater added value for money for consumers.

Method and results achieved / bucket washer

Following intensive consultation between employees of Veiling Holambra and Limex, the precise washing specifications of the bucket washer were detailed. This included the required capacity, washing process, locally available energy sources etc. For example, the water supply is preheated using solar heat supplied by the roofs of the brand-new washing facility. Electric heating provides extra heating capacity for the water. This energy is also generated by solar power.   

During the engineering phase, employees of Veiling Holambra visited Limex to see progress first-hand. In cooperation with local employees, two Limex technicians constructed and commissioned the installation on site. The machine operators were also trained and instructed and support for maintenance work can also be provided, if required.

How did Veiling Holambra experience the Limex collaboration and the bucket washers ?

“The delivery of the bucket washer from Limex has fully met all our expectations! In technical terms but also concerning support and guidance. Everything was delivered within the agreed contractual framework and in a professional and enjoyable way. I would really like to compliment Limex for the excellent installation process, and how well our team was instructed and supervised. Limex has also now got a satisfied customer in Brazil!” – André van Kruijssen, CEO Veiling Holambra – 12th of Dec. 2019

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