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Every day we are busy thinking about tomorrow. We want to hand over our world, with its limited amount of raw materials and resources, to the next generation in a responsible and sustainable way. We do this by developing solutions to improve hygiene within the horticultural and floriculture sector. Thanks to our high-quality products, your crops run a considerably lower risk of contamination. Our machines ensure substantially less downtime. Good for the environment, even better for your wallet.


The Limex washer: a Dutch product that is used worldwide (!) for cleaning crates, seed trays, buckets and transport trolleys that are mainly used in the horticultural and floriculture sector. From selling and renting complete washers to offering specific product parts.

Based on 12 standard modules, we offer more than 100 customer-specific solutions

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We would like to keep you informed of all Limex developments and the latest news within the horticultural and floriculture sector.

Article on Limex trolley washer in ‘Onder Glas’ trade journal

The Limex foam unit with Menno Florades is briefly highlighted by the trade journal ‘Onder Glas’. Written in Ditch.

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Nurseries in line for Limex-invention against tomato virus

Attention for the laboratory research of Limex in the fight against the tomato virus ToBRFV in the newspaper: AD Westland

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The Limex method beats ToBRFV tomato virus

Limex successfully removed
ToBRFV from tomato crates !!
Tested by an independent laboratory.

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We are also extremely proud to be the trusted supplier of:

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