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You don’t have to tell Rob van Geneijgen anything about crate washing. He has become familiar with Limex washing machines from an early age because his father is also selling and servicing them In New Zealand for decades.  Family ties are a common thread in the history of both Limex and MatMan Washing Solutions: Limex was founded by the father of current director Joep Janssen and Rob’s father is a first cousin of Joep’s mother. Rob saw the expansion opportunities for the Limex washing machines in Australia.

Australia is a growing market in the usage of reusable packaging

As it turns out, expanding into Australia was the right decision: Rob sees a lot of growth in the market, across various segments, he says. “We’re seeing a lot of potential with nurseries, hydroponics and soft fruit. Aside from those main segments, we also do business in the poultry industry and the emerging food home delivery market. Reusable packaging in those markets need to be washed hygienically, and that’s where we come in.”

MatMan using Limex crate washers in Australia

“I exclusively use Limex machines due to their proven, solid quality,” says Rob. Because he is able to install and service the machines himself, service and maintenance is always quick.” Rob visits customers personally, guides them through the whole process and always has machines in stock, which he can test, prepare and install for the client. “This practical approach really works.” That way, no matter what the demands of the client are, there’s always a solution available.

Looking forward to expanding the Australian market.

Although they could hardly be further apart geographically, Joep and Rob are always in close cooperation. Joep: “Rob regularly comes to the Netherlands to catch up with our team, and we provide training, both on site and remotely. And during my visits to MatMan, the business meetings on board Rob’s fishing boat are always a highlight.”

Rob confirms the mutual benefits of the partnership: “It’s really beneficial for our business that Joep and I get along well, both personally and professionally. We pride ourselves on good service and being able to look after the client on a personal basis. I’m looking forward to doing that with MatMan Washing Solutions for many years to come, together with the team at Limex, well after their 30th anniversary.”

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Two crate washers installed at RedStar: brilliant washing and drying results

Two crate washers installed at RedStar: brilliant washing and drying results

Peter van Geest, TD Coordinator at RedStar: “The crates are virtually dry when removed from the machine and completely dry by the time they are stacked, which is already a massive improvement. We’re delighted with the solutions that Limex have provided.”

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Expansion at Box Cleaning Service: new location and new crate washer

Expansion at Box Cleaning Service: new location and new crate washer

Luc Vrenken: “We have been working together to our full satisfaction for years. I have seen many washers running in practice, but the reliability of Limex really makes them stand out.”

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