Bucket washers

Promote the sale of your flowers by creating optimal conditions. The result? Flowers with an optimal vaselife in a spotless bucket. This machine makes it possible and is also extremely durable.  Bacteria and moulds don’t get a chance to affect your cargo.

When cleaning buckets, we are able to:

  • Offer multiple washing processes (pre-wash, main wash, sticker removal);
  • wash 200 to 1,200 buckets per hour;
  • Hygienically clean transport buckets.

Additional options:

  • Clean Touch concept: rinsing with disinfectant so that buckets remain bacteria-free for at least four weeks
  • Increasing washing capacity (up to 5,000 buckets per hour)

These are just a few of the possibilities of this washer that provides spotless transport buckets, vases, PGC and pots.

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