Bucket washing machines

A bucket washing machine from Limex is your guarantee of spotless buckets! Cleaning with a bucket washing machine extends the vase life of cut flowers. Bacteria block cut flowers from absorbing nutrients through their stems,so always start out with clean buckets.

Transport buckets are also often used as display buckets, so they should enhance the beauty of cut flowers. Buckets therefore need to be both visually spotless and hygienically clean. Our washing machines are also often used to remove stickers.

What are the advantages of a Limex bucket washing machine?

With a Limex bucket washing machine, bacteria, fungi or stickers don’t stand a chance. Our bucket washing machines can be adjusted according to specific plants and situations. They are a sustainable solution because they can help reduce water, energy and chemical consumption.

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This robust machine is also easy to operate and maintain, and the washing lines can be extended flexibly. Our technology can cope with a capacity of 200 to 4,000 buckets per hour. Our bucket washing machines keep the quality of your products constant and guarantee a clean start to your process.

The results of cleaning with a Limex bucket washing machines

  • Buckets clean, both visually and microbiologically;
  • Improved hygiene extends vase life;
  • Reduces the risk of spoilage;
  • Less spoilage means higher net yields. After all, you’ve already invested in inputs such as raw materials, energy and labour;
  • Consumers will enjoy your product for longer.

Other things our bucket washers can do

  • Remove stickers;
  • Blow off excess water;
  • Machine can be heated by electricity, heat exchanger or steam;
  • Automatic dosing of cleaning or disinfecting agents;
  • Rental option: useful for seasonal products;
  • Modified power supply for international customers.

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From small to large washes: our bucket washing machines get the job done

Limex bucket washing machines have been successfully installed at a large number of customers with a wide range of requirements:

  • Royal FloraHolland:  3 washing lines, each of which washes, removes stickers and disinfects 5,000 flower buckets per hour, all year round. Aalsmeer, The Netherlands;
  • Plantion: 2,500 flower buckets are washed, cleaned of stickers, and disinfected. Ede, the Netherlands;
  • Levoplant and OK Plant: Washing PGCs and phalaenopsis vases, The Netherlands;
  • Broks Bloemen BV: washing of transport/display buckets.  The Netherlands;
  • Len Busch Roses: washing of transport/display buckets. Minneapolis, United States;
  • Finlays: washing of transport/display buckets. Kenya;
  • Veiling Holambra (plant auction):  2,500 flower buckets are washed, cleaned of stickers, and disinfected. Brazil;
  • Wesselman Flowers and Partaharjun Puutarha: tulip growers and bulb processors to combat pythium in pin trays and transport crates.  The Netherlands and Finland;
  • Royal De Ree Holland: washing and disinfection of transport crates for flower bulbs. The Netherlands.

Sinner’s Circle: how to clean flower buckets

To make sure our bucket washing machines deliver the best possible results, we use a principle called Sinner’s Circle when cleaning buckets. We apply the following four factors in the right proportion to clean the buckets of bacteria and fungi as thoroughly as possible:

  • Time in the washing process;
  • Mechanical action;
  • Temperature;
  • Chemicals.

The right balance between these factors is crucial for the best result; if one factor is bigger than another, in some cases this can compromise the share of the other three factors. That is why it’s important to have your bucket washing machine adjusted properly by our experienced technicians.

Used bucket washer machines

Even after years of use, our machines still retain high residual value. If you’re looking for a used bucket washing machine, check out: ‘Used machines

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LCS/Royal FloraHolland Bucket Washers

LCS/Royal FloraHolland Bucket Washers

“The Limex washers are an indispensable component for a successful service to LCS!” – Jan van Hoef

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Limex Bucket Washer at Veiling Holambra Brazil

Limex Bucket Washer at Veiling Holambra Brazil

“The delivery of the bucket washer from Limex has fully met all our expectations! Limex has now a satisfied customer in Brazil!” – André van Kruijssen

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This is what satisfied customers say about us

Spargelmesser Firmenich has already installed 120 Limex crate washing machines in Germany

Company director Jürgen Firmenich: “If all suppliers would perform like Limex, my troubles would be as good as gone: communication is good, and if an issue does arise, it’s resolved quickly.”

Stephan: “My professional ambitions really began to take shape at Limex.”

“If they need any help in the future, they can always contact me!” – freelance engineer

Expansion at Box Cleaning Service: new location and new crate washer

Luc Vrenken: “We have been working together to our full satisfaction for years. I have seen many washers running in practice, but the reliability of Limex really makes them stand out.”

German family company switches from tomato cultivation to hydroponic lettuce, aided by Limex raft washing machine

“It’s nice that the communication lines are short,” says Mr. Leo Berghs Trienekens. “You can just walk into the factory.” He was able to extensively view and test the float washing machines. “That increases confidence before purchasing. And as long as you keep the machine clean, there is actually no maintenance required. We appreciate Limex’s professional and personal approach”.

Limex tray and raft washing machine lowers water use and improves cultivation hygiene at De Kruidenaer

Christ Monden: “After I gave Joep Janssen a tour in the greenhouse and shared my wishes, he immediately had an idea of our wishes and the practical applications. That ultimately led to the installation of the washer, which enabled us to save a lot of water”

Improved cultivation hygiene for ImHofBio thanks to the Limex tray washing system

After examining many different machines, we finally settled on purchasing our new machine from Limex. We received competent and thorough advice before buying. Limex also adapted the new machine to our needs. In addition, our first few experiences have shown that the after-sales service and advice from Limex is also fantastic. – Hansjürg Imhof

Fully automatic washing line for Royal De Ree Holland

“What we now have is a system that washes the transport crates far better than the previous installation, and the number of operators has been reduced from three to just one.”- Joost van den Berg

Limex crate and tray washer at Jungpflanzen Gernert

“The trays are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with foam from Menno Florades. The washing result could be seen very quickly from the better root quality.” – Achim Gernert

Intensive and sustainable crate washer for Wijnen Square Crops

“With this washer, we can be sure that the crates that come out of the machine are clean and free from viruses and other diseases; we can use them in our processes without risk.” – Koen Saris

Meet our sustainable partner: PlantLab

“We are excited about the washing result of the Limex machine. We like to share our plans and working method with a company like Limex that is also committed to sustainability and we are looking forward to a beautiful and successful collaboration in the future!” – Mr. Hans van Scheijndel

Limex develops process for hygienic cleaning of propagation trays

“Limex is developing constantly to meet our increasingly stringent requirements. We can recommend Limex with a clear conscience.” – Oliver Schneider

5 Tray washers in 4 years at Svenska Skogsplantor

“Our collaboration with Limex has worked very well. A supplier that we will continue to work with and can recommend as a good partner.“ – Niclas Noord

Limex crate washers at Wesselman Flowers

“During cultivation, we see cycle after cycle of tulips emerging uniformly. An extra benefit is that the machine can remove the TVX virus. I can certainly recommend a Limex washer to every tulip grower.” – Joost Wesselman

Hishtil and Limex announce intensive collaboration

“The fruits of this productive collaboration between Limex and Hishtil permit both companies to offer their customers the best sanitation solution and healthy propagating material that will allow them to maximize crop quality and yields.” – Amit Dagan

Silver – our tray washer partner in Chile

“It is a pleasure for us to work with Limex, which is aware of the problems of hygiene and water scarcity that concern us in Chile and some regions.” – Martin Campos

Limex crate washer at Boer Erik

“I have seen Limex machines at other fruit growers, even one that has been in use for 25 years and is still running. When I invest, I think it is important to invest in high-quality and well-functioning products that I will be able to use for years to come.” – Boer Erik

Industrial tray and trolley washing machines for Ontario Plants Propagation, Canada

“I’m really proud that we get such large, intensive trolley and tray washers.” – Pieter van Dijk

Limex Bucket Washer at Veiling Holambra Brazil

“The delivery of the bucket washer from Limex has fully met all our expectations! Limex has now a satisfied customer in Brazil!” – André van Kruijssen

Limex trolley washer helps improve hygiene at WPK Vegetable Plants

“This investment improves our capacity to keep any potential threats at bay,” says Erik van der Arend, general manager at WPK Vegetable Plants.

LCS/Royal FloraHolland Bucket Washers

“The Limex washers are an indispensable component for a successful service to LCS!” – Jan van Hoef

Sustainable box cleaner Scherpenhuizen

For distribution centre Scherpenhuizen, Limex supplied a boxwasher, type KKW6000NS for sustainable washing of boxes where the water is heated by high-quality residual heat from cooling.

Limex tray washer at Bergvik Skog Plantor

“To have a tray washer that works this great has really boosted our production at the nursery. The growing trays gets clean and we can use them over and over again in our production without any problems. I can highly recommend any forest plant producer to use a Limex Washer in their production line.” – Ronny Anngren

Limex crate washer at Banken Champignons

“The Limex crate washer meets our hygiene requirements (microbiological cleanliness) and produces a drying result of less than four grams per crate. This allows an output of 5,600 clean crates per hour, and that maintains our delivery capacity at an optimal level. ” – Jurgen Banken