Limex crate washer at Banken Champignons

“Banken Champignons wants to continue to meet the high hygiene requirements in the mushroom sector without endangering our delivery capacity. That is why investing in a new crate washer for our new location in Wijchen was a wise move. ”

“The low investment costs and the ‘total cost of ownership’ were the deciding factors for us to work with Limex on this.”

“Cleaning the mushroom multi crate is an integral part of our entire packaging department, which means that we had very specific flexibility and output requirements for our crate washing line.”

“The Limex crate washer combined with the handling system meets our hygiene requirements (microbiological cleanliness) and produces a drying result of less than four grams per crate. This allows an output of 5,600 clean crates per hour, and that maintains our delivery capacity at an optimal level. “

Jurgen Banken, Banken Champignons, Wijchen the Netherlands 12th of April 2014

About Banken Champignons

Banken Champignons has grown over 50 years to become one of the largest international players in the field of growing and trading various types of mushrooms, and mushroom specialities. The company attaches the greatest importance to meeting all quality and cleanliness requirements that apply to cultivation and trading all types of mushrooms and can therefore guarantee fresh products at a very high level of quality.

About Limex crate washer

Limex has been at the forefront of washing installation for crates, trays, buckets and CC trolleys for years. You can find more information on this website.

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