Rent a washing machine

Rent a Limex washing machine: this is a good alternative if a permanent purchase does not suit you or making a major investment isn’t immediately feasible. Limex rents crate washing machines, bucket washing machines and tray washing machines.

Rent or buy a washer?

Renting a Limex washing machine is the perfect solution for seasonal cleaning, for example during the asparagus or strawberry season. Renting a washing machine is also an ideal solution for absorbing peaks in production. Our customers sometimes prefer to rent a Limex washing machine temporarily to try it out before purchasing.

The advantages of renting one of our washing machines

  • Flexible duration: renting for as little as one week is possible;
  • Long-term rental also possible;
  • There is no need to make a major investment;
  • Try out the machine’s possibilities;
  • Both stand-alone machines and large washing lines available.

Extra options of our washing machines

  • Easy to dose cleaning agents;
  • Different heating options for the washing machines: electric or heat exchanger;
  • Removes stickers;
  • Blow drying;
  • Maintenance can be carried out by Limex on location.

Sinner’s Circle

To guarantee that our washers deliver thorough cleaning, we use a principle called Sinner’s Circle. Four factors are considered here:

  • Time;
  • Mechanical action;
  • Temperature;
  • Chemical contact time.

Getting the balance between these factors right gives the best cleaning result, which is why it’s so important to have your machine properly adjusted by our experts. Limex has extensive knowledge and experience about cleaning processes and knows exactly how to apply the four factors of Sinner’s Circle. You could call this expertise the ‘fifth factor’. 

Renting washing machines

Renting a washing machine from Limex is an attractive and accessible way to get acquainted with our high-quality machines and draw on our proven expertise without having to make major investments.

Interested in renting a washing machine from Limex? Or would you rather buy a machine? Contact us to discuss all the options.

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