Limex tray washer at Bergvik Skog Plantor

Limex installed a tray washer for seedling trays for pine trees at Bergvik Skog Plantor at AB Nässja plantskola (Sweden) together with their reseller, Aquadrip.  In the spring of 2017 the project started. 600 trays are being washed every hour, 24/7. The tray washer is built in line with other  equipment.


Bergvik Skog Plantor AB is one of the five biggest forest plant producers in Sweden.

At Nässja plantskola who is one of three nurseries in Bergvik Skog Plantor AB, we grow around 18 million forest plants each year. Approximately 90 % of those plants are treated with a mechanical protection of glue and sand against the pine weevil.

With this mechanical treatment comes the problem of getting the growing trays clean again so we can use them over and over again.

Method and results achieved/ tray washer:

In 2017, Nässja plantskola bought a tray washer from Limex Machine Exploitatie to wash our growing trays that gets very dirty from the mechanical protection. The glue and sand that sticks on the trays causes a lot of problems when we are using the trays next time.

But with our new washer from Limex Machine Exploitatie, that is no longer any problem, since the Limex Washer actually can get the glue and sand off the trays and get them clean again. The Limex washer that we use has a pre-washer with high pressure water and a hot water main wash.

How did Nässja plantskola experience the Limex collaboration and the tray washer ?

To have a tray washer that works this great has really boosted our production at the nursery. The growing trays gets clean and we can use them over and over again in our production without any problems. I can highly recommend any forest plant producer to use a Limex Washer in their production line. 

Written by: Ronny Anngren, Nursery Manager, Bergvik Skog Plantor AB Nässja plantskola, Sweden, Date 29th of January 2018

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