Cart/trolley washing machines

Limex Cart washing machines or trolley washing machines help you remove fungi, bacteria and diseases from your trolleys.

Limex knows what it’s doing

A Limex Cart washer or trolley washer keeps your trolleys clean, both visually and microbiologically. With our expertise and experience, we can adapt a cart or trolley cleaner according to your exact wishes and your crop. It is a sustainable solution, because it saves on water, energy and chemicals. Prevent dirt and contamination, and maximise your harvest!

Trolleys or carts are used to move plants around the nursery or to take them to other locations. Bacteria, fungi and viruses can hide in contamination on the trolleys such as plant residues or substrate residues.

Whether you grow vegetables, fruit, flowers or other crops, the health of your products always has to come first, and clean trolleys or carts are an important basis for this. Good hygiene prevents contamination spreading.

Advantages of our cart washing machines or trolley washing machines

  • Capacity of 20 to 120 carts/trolleys per hour;
  • Suitable for Danish trolleys, CC containers, Flora trolleys and various other trolleys;
  • Robust construction, easy to keep clean;
  • Water circulates in the machine and is filtered internally to reduce water consumption;
  • The washing machine is installed in a pit/recess in the floor, so trolleys are moved in and out of the washing machine at floor level. This makes it extremely simple and safe to operate the system.

Extra options of our trolley washers or cart washers

  • Cleaning with detergent and soap, or disinfection with disinfectants;
  • Add Meno Florades in foaming form;
  • Blow off water droplets;
  • The electric power supply can be adapted for international customers.

Our customers are pleased with the results of our trolley or cart washing machines

Limex has commissioned a variety of trolley washers, some of which have been operating for over 20 years.

Some examples of companies where we have helped out include:

  • WPK Made (The Netherlands);
  • Vreugdenhill (The Netherlands);
  • Ontario Plants Propagation (Canada);
  • Orchideen-Bremkens (Germany);
  • Eker Süd (Turkey);
  • Volmary (Germany);
  • Kötterheinrich (Germany);
  • Anthura (The Netherlands and Germany);
  • Two projects are underway and are being commissioned:  Serres Toundra (Canada) and Roeland Plant (Canada) in 2021;
  • Trolley washer in a square configuration in a loading dock instead of a pit in the floor: at P. van Geest (Netherlands).

Sinner’s Circle

Many years ago, Professor Sinner mapped out the physical process that occurs during cleaning. To make the results easy to understand, he put them into ‘Sinner’s Circle’. This involves four factors to achieve the best result. These four factors are: time, temperature, mechanical action, and chemicals.

Keeping these four factors in balance ensures that no single aspect dominates at the expense of the others. Our engineers will gladly and carefully apply their expertise for you.

We’ll be pleased to help you achieve a successful harvest. Are you interested in how we can help you with a trolley or cart washing machine from Limex?

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