Our battle

We – the Limex family – combine our talents to combat waste and promote growth and prosperity.

For more than three decades it has been all about your crops and product hygiene. The cost-saving, high-quality products that we produce and deliver create added value for our customers in several ways. Our products ensure that crops run a substantially lower risk of contamination through improved crop hygiene and the elimination of threats. In addition, our machines reduce plastic waste–as we ensure that plastic crates can be reused–and use of chemical agents, water and energy.

Our strong involvement in local initiatives and cooperation with local partners and suppliers is characteristic of the Limex method. With our efforts, we ensure that hundreds of companies in the horticultural and floriculture sector are assisted in reducing their water consumption, energy consumption and chemical consumption.

Cost-saving solutions
Removal of viruses
Solid Dutch machines
Elimination of moulds

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