Limex establishes Limex Cleaning Solutions

As of 1 February 2018, our full-service package has been incorporated into a new BV called “Limex Cleaning Solutions”, also known as “LCS BV”. Its management is in the hands of Jan van Hoef. Development, building and marketing of washing machines will remain as per usual with Limex Machine Exploitatie BV. For this branch, Joep Janssen will take over as Managing Director from Jan van Hoef.

This split is an important step due to the growing size of both machine building and full-service projects.  It enables both BVs to fully concentrate on their core activities. This guarantees the focus on quality and service that you have come to expect from Limex.

Limex, manufacturer of washing machines
Limex Machine Exploitatie was founded 30 years ago by Joep Janssen’s parents. It has now grown into a renowned supplier and worldwide exporter of washing machines for crates, buckets,  trays, bins, etc.

Limex Cleaning Solutions takes care of young entire cleaning process
With its years of experience, Limex Cleaning Solutions takes the hassle out of cleaning by taking on the entire cleaning process of companies’ logistical resources. LCS steps into its clients’ logistical process and takes on the clients’ burden. Our full-service package offers a complete set of services that take care of organization, personnel, investments and the right cleaning procedures.

This allows both organizations to fully focus on their core activities. It goes without saying that both companies will remain linked and continue to cooperate whenever possible. This ensures the thorough approach that you have come to expect from Limex.

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