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We are worldwide partner #1 in product hygiene within the horticultural and floriculture sector. Our customers can be found in more than 60 countries, which means that Limex machines can now be found on every continent. Our contacts are also active in various parts of the world. Click here for a contact person in your area.

But don’t take it from us, we let our customers and results speak for themselves.

Silver – our tray washer partner in Chile

“It is a pleasure for us to work with Limex, which is aware of the problems of hygiene and water scarcity that concern us in Chile and some regions.”

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Limex crate washer at Boer Erik

Limex delivered a crate washer to the fruit grower Boer Erik. It is a compact machine that can perform a complete washing process.

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Trolley and tray washers Ontario Plants Propagation

‘The largest and most intensive trolley washer that Limex has ever supplied’. The installation will soon be able to wash up to 120 Danish trolleys per hour. Adding an extra section to the line increases the contact time, which is important to effectively kill viruses such as Covid-19 and ToBRFV.

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Limex Bucket Washer at Veiling Holambra Brazil

“The delivery of the bucket washer from Limex has fully met all our expectations! In technical terms but also concerning support and guidance. I would really like to compliment Limex for the excellent installation process, and how well our team was instructed and supervised. Limex has now a satisfied customer in Brazil!”

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Limex tray washers at Svenska Skogsplantor

Limex developed a tray washer for Svenska Skogsplantor, that successfully removes peat, resin rests, liverwort spores and weed seeds from the trays. Limex is especially proud that this result is realized without using any chemicals.

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LCS/Royal FloraHolland Bucket Washers

Thanks to our bucket washsers, 15,000 flower buckets can be washed, de-labeled and disinfected every hour, 24/7. Hygienically clean buckets extend the vase life of the cut flowers.

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Limex tray washer at Bergvik Skog Plantor

“To have a tray washer that works this great has really boosted our production at the nursery. The growing trays gets clean and we can use them over and over again in our production without any problems. I can highly recommend any forest plant producer to use a Limex Washer in their production line.” Ronny Anngren

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Limex crate washer at Banken Champignons

“The Limex crate washer meets our hygiene requirements (microbiological cleanliness) and produces a drying result of less than four grams per crate. This allows an output of 5,600 clean crates per hour, and that maintains our delivery capacity at an optimal level. “

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We are also extremely proud to be the trusted supplier of:

Limex klant West Plant Group
Limex klant Wesselman Flowers
Limex klant Veiling Rhein-Maas
Limex klant Volmary
Limex klant Veiling Holambra
Limex klant Taks
Limex klant Svenska Skogsplantsor
Limex klant Scherr
Limex klant Scherpehuizen
Limex klant Royal Flora Holland
Limex klant Rijk Zwaan
Limex klant Querdel
Limex klant P van Geest
Limex klant Partaharjun
Limex klant Perlinger
Limex klant Pantion
Limex OK Plant
Limex klant Ontario Flower Group
Limex klant Monsanto
Limex klant Kotterheinrich
Limex klant Kaneya Japan
Limex klant Hydronov
Limex klant Hark Orchideen
Limex klant Grow Group
Limex klant Greencom Japan
Limex klant Gitzels
Limex klant Flyersystems
Limex klant EO
Limex klant Emeraude Plants
Limex klant Serres Toundra
Limex klant demtec
Limex klant Bergvik Skog
Limexe klant Banken

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