Customer-specific washer projects

We offer many standardised solutions for your hygiene issue. Our standard modules can be adapted to your specific crop or product by making small adjustments. This means we have more than a hundred cleaning solutions for the vegetable, fruit and plant sector.

However, it is possible that your specific packaging or means of transport are missing from our current range of realised applications. For example, do you have crates that contain bottles, crates with lids or bins with a different size? Then we would like you to challenge us to come up with a customised solution for your specific situation.

We have developed customised washing solutions for users in a wide range of customer-specific situations over the past years. A selection of these specials:

  • Rinsing bromellias;
  • Rinsing citrus trees;
  • Rinsing other plants;
  • Washing containers used for insect farming;
  • Rinsing bottles in crates;
  • Washing lids;
  • Removing stickers;
  • Intensive water filtration.

Crate washer for insect farming

Commercially farming insects for the horticultural sector is a branch that is rapidly expanding. Many of our customers used commercially reared predatory insects as an environmentally friendly way of controlling pests in their crops. Limex supplies washers specially designed to clean the containers or trays used to produce these insects.

As well as being used as biological crop protection, beneficial insects are increasingly being used for other purposes. A few examples are given below:

  • Black soldier fly larvae are used to process organic waste or convert organic waste into compost, an important raw material in horticulture.
  • These larvae are high in protein and can also be used as animal feed for poultry or salmon, for example.
  • Insects may also be a viable option for human consumption.

Limex supplies washers specially designed to clean the containers or trays used to farm these insects.

'We would be happy to tell you everything in person about Limex's customised solutions to your issue.

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